Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vin, my twin. . .

My twin bro bought a dog on an impulsive move. . .

He thought I was gonna be mad and yell at him because the financial and living situation isn’t that good right now for us but his reason for doing it justified the purchase. My parents wont think the same though... they're kinda unreasonable like that.

See the reason for this blog is cuz my bro has had a pretty rough year so far. Without getting into specifics, he had to make probably the toughest decision in his life. Going with something that he always believed against. Something that we see different on and a decision that will haunt him forever but a decision I’m proud of him for making. While I give him that old cliche that time heals everything, he still lives with the guilt and feels as if a hole was created inside him. I wish there was a way I could take that from him and put it on me but I can’t... Its impossible. Like literally, because I looked into it via Google and you just can’t do it.

I love my bro, there's a lot of twins (or siblings for that matter) that don't get along but that shithead is my best friend... I don’t even currr how un-cool that sounds. If you've read any of my previous entries on this blog you probably knew that already - I mention him in just about every one of them. I don't post up a blog without him reading it first to make sure its worthy... well not until this one. Matter of fact, he’s the one that pushed me to start this whole blogging thing - he’s got all the confidence in the world in me like that... sometimes I think he thinks I’m capable of doing anything, and that makes me the cocky badass that I am.

He's really the only person that truly gets all of my weird/sick ass humor... and laughs at all of it, even when I’m just being a fuckin’ asshole. We're the perfect team, WE’RE the original Shake and Bake. I consider myself lucky... cuz not everyone in this world has somebody like that. I mean think about it, can you actually say you have someone you can trust with anything? I'm talking any-fuckin’-thing. If God told me I had to go put a whooping on the devil, that mother fucker would be right there with me... I expect that just like he would expect the same from me. If I went on a mass killing spree on some Michael Myers shit, was a total fuckin' psycho on some Hannibal Lecter shit, and the cops were chasing after me on some major highway in California leading to Mexico... Vin would be the one behind the wheel in that ‘93 white Ford Bronco.

Even though buying the dog was probably a mistake... it was a mistake he needed. So, Little Bro, I love ya, and I’ll always be proud of ya... even when you fuck up. While Mom and Dad will probably be mad at you for awhile, they’ll get over it eventually. So as one of our top 2 favorite songs go, “Don’t worry, be happy”... and as the other one goes “drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream”.... I’m not really sure what the second one has to do with anything right now but fuck it. And for those thinking “Double-u. Tee. Eff. Question mark.” . . . "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is a song by Bobby McFerrin, and “All I have to do is Dream” is a song by the Everly Brothers. YouTube it. They were the songs of our childhood.

In closing I just want to say, Thank you Chicago. . . You were great.

Oh and I got a P.S. - The dog is a Cane Corso Italiano. Like a Mastiff. Like my brother. Look it up.


  1. lol, know what ya mean, brah! I got me 3 siblings who are still living, but my closest one, as you know, was killed in a car wreck when we were 14. I miss the hell outta that fucker sometimes, cuz he was my best friend Never got along with the other 3 like I did with my twin, even though we did have our fair share of fights lol.

    btw Billy Joel is the MAN! Him, and REM will always be the greatest music, speaking from the past.

  2. Word. I can second that. Shout out to Billy Joel... I know you're reading this.

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  4. Good blogs man.. I'm waiting for da Gatti tribute blog though