Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

What is up, reader(s)? Hope everyone is doing good. The reason for this update is to let anyone know who may be following along with my random bullshit blog that I have been somewhat busy and that is the reason behind me not posting anything in over a month.

Actually, I can’t lie to you guys, I’m not really busy its just that playoff basketball stuff was really taking up most of my time. . . See I get most of my writing done during the night hours of the day but recently the NBA had been putting games on everrrry singlllle night. Then the Finals came so of course I had to stay focused.

And so I was hooked.

This year has had some of the best playoff basketball that I have seen in awhile and I try not to miss it. I can’t miss it. It’s a weird obsession, you would think its Dallas Cowboys football or one of those WWE Divas specials that they would run on PPV back in the day. You know the ones where you would turn on the channel and try to watch it through all the snowy static shit on the screen... Its like that.

Its all good though. . . I’m gonna try to recommit myself to this thing now that its all over and while there’s a major dead time in the sports I’m interested in (eff Baseball).

Oh, one problem. . . I still have work so that might get in the way too or at least offer me another excuse as to why I’m not updating.


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  1. LOL.. i think a majority of us fell of the bloggin wagon as of late.. i know i have! I just recently got back to it.. and it feels so good again :)

    NBA Playoffs WAS MY FREAKIN LIFE! Haha, eat, breathe, and sleep MF'in basketball man! For like a month and a half str8.. wasn't even tired of it. Lol, these playoffs were some of the best basketball games I've witnessed in a long time, so yes, us blog readers/posters understand ur hiatus. But welcome back :)