Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Life Super Heroes!

This was too good not to post. . .

This guy, and apparently there’s a few of them around the country, are attempting to be Super Heroes. Yeah, seriously. Just check this out first: (you might have to click the photo to see/read the entire thing)

Ha! OK so I have two questions: 1. What the fuck? And 2. Where do I sign up to be in this “Allegiance of Heroes”???

For real, readers, I gotta do this. . .

Could you imagine how cool this blog would become with stories from a Super Hero?

But I’m gonna need your help. . . Thinking of a name, what weapons will I have / super power, and what costume I’ll be running around in. Except one of you will have to volunteer to make it because I have a penis and cojones therefore I suck at sewing. The costume is gonna have to be the most bad ass part of it though... I mean, I gotta look good to at least pull the bitches.

A couple names I was throwing around: The Pusstroyer, Papi X, Dark 12incher, Dr. Youdgetit, The Queifinator, Moon Elf, Chip Robbins, and Rambo. But I think I'm gonna settle on Gel Mibson. Let me know if you got something better... this is still a work in progress.

My Heroism will be: I will protect poor, unsuspecting men from Swamp Donkeys. In case you didn’t know, the definition of a Swamp Donkey is a very ugly, usually fat girl who hangs around in bars and clubs waiting to sexually assault males who are too drunk to defend themselves (definition brought to you by

But I really just wanna fight the Super Heroes of the “Allegiance of Heroes” though . . .

So eventually I’m gonna turn into the evil Villain of this real life comic book like world and beat the shit out of them.

Don’t worry . . . I’ll YouTube it for you guys to see.


  1. Wow, looks like this "WLWT" site you visit is a bit behind the times. I have seen very similar articles posted on collegehumor and somethingaweful. lol.

  2. Actually, I just seen it posted on TMZ. I don't know what WLWT site they were referring to. Either way though, that shit is funny.

  3. hah! Regardless, either way, it is still pretty funny.

  4. The Penetrator