Sunday, April 5, 2009

Biggie: What's Beef? Me: Being in the wrong area on Blogger?

Alright so I’m new to this Blogger world right. . . I’m still trying to figure stuff out as far as editing my own blog, traveling to other blogs, and somehow getting traffic to my site.

But I got beef with Blogger.

See my beef is . . . I think they put me in the Russian corridor of their online world. Like for real because every time I click the “Next Blog” link at the top of the page I get forwarded to a Russian looking ass language blog. And this isn’t just once, I’m talking every time I click that link.

I mean damn, I think Blogger has something against me. If it was because of the rap blog I just came out with then sorry, I was just fuckin’ around. Or maybe it was because of my old blog about Amy Winehouse. . . is it possible one of the head honchos for Blogger was a huge Winehouse fan and now I’m feeling his/her’s wrath?

Or like maybe you have to earn your way up when you’re first starting out. First you’re in the Russian section, then you go to Japanese, then to like Arabic or some shit. I dunno.

Yo, and then one time I clicked that next blog link I get this content advisor shit right. So I click on agree thinking okay maybe this person’s blog is like mine with cuss words and shit. Nope, man was I wrong. This shithead has porn all over that shit. And not just any porn. I’m talking straight Russian old school lookin’ porn. Chicks had bushes that looked like Diana Ross’ hair. Shit made me go into panic mode and ctrl alt delete the fuck outta my keyboard.

Anyway, Blogger . . . get me back with my Americano friends. I ain’t Russian, mother fucker!

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