Friday, April 3, 2009

The Intro Blog: READ FIRST


OK so I just opened this blog, April 3rd I made history. Na but I’ve been meaning to make one for the loooongest time now so I finally just said fuck it and done did it. What I did was, in case you were confused, I took my previous blogs from MySpace and placed them over here for archival purposes. They’re older but still good reads so go ahead and take a look at them. I marked them all with “BB” in the title which stands for “Before Blogger” so it will help with the confusion. This is actually my first blog since signing up and the rest from here on out will be fresh and new. Alright, lets see here I guess the reader (you) will need some kind of intro blog from me. . .

The Name:
My name is Anthony ‘cept nobody really calls me that... “Ant” mainly, “Papi” during intercourse or sometimes at work, “Antonio Salderas” by my mexican employees, “Ant Kong” on the field or court (virtual or real life), and uhh... thats it, I think. No wait, “Asshole” in grocery stores. . . What can I say? The milfs love my charm.

What you’ll find on this here blog :
I’m not sure, actually. I just wanna write shit. Know what I’m sayin’? Like there’s days I just feel like going nutso on the keyboard either with a bullshit story or something that’s going on in my life or the world. I guess I enjoy writing in a very non nerdy way. Something to remember though, I don’t do proper english grammar and shit. You want that material then open a fuckin’ english book. I got my style, and I like it... it works for me. I have written a few blogs in my time before... ya know, on the MySpace and other sites to which I can’t access anymore . My stories were kinda funny or at least people thought they were funny so I brought the ones that I had saved through MySpace over here as I explained way up there. Anyway, I wanted to be more than just funny, aside from the fact that that’s a lot of fuckin’ pressure to write a story with some funny in it every time, I just have more to say than that... some serious, some crazy, some straight bullshit. I just wanna be able to post up whatever I want unlike my previous job writing sports for Playboy magazine. Naw sayin’? Hmm... what else should you expect from me? I swear... a lot. Like curse words swearing. Oh and some of the shit I say is really fucked up. Like vulgar, borderline straight nasty... I have been known to encourage thoughts in one’s mind of “Holy shit why the hell is he even thinking of some shit like that”. But I think I’m gonna keep it somewhat clean until I find out how many readers I get, if any at all. Besides, I don’t need some honky coming along, reading some wild ass shit about me waking up to a wet dream after a night full of dreaming about flying elephants preying on mermaids, then submitting my blog to a Dear Dr. Phil email. Get me? Ending up on Dr. Phil for that shit is not a good look. Your just gonna have to trust me on that.

Anyway, read this thing from time to time. Thanks suckas!

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