Friday, April 3, 2009

I've chosen a new career path

OK so I’ve been deliberating with my buddies for the past couple of days about this but I just now decided to make it official. I’m going to start a rap career. I know what you’re thinking, “Ant, shut the fuck up you can’t rap”. While you may be right, to that I say two words.... “Soulja. Boy”. That’s right because if this mother fucker can be called a rapper then so can I so don’t fuck with me on this one!

I’ve come up with a rap name, the name will be (brace yourself). . . . “Nig Uphony”. Hot right? Well chill cuz I already know what you’re thinking, like I’m racist or some shit. Don’t even try that shit MFer, cuz I’ll punch you in the liver and sit you in a school chair. Everyone who knows me knows my hate don’t discriminate (ok I’m just showing off). But on a serious note real quick, I’m not racist... I voted for Obama so suck mi cawk.

Anyway, this is what I figure. . . Vin (my twin brother) is gonna be my manager like Suge Knight was for Tupac. He’s responsible for beating on ppl and stuff. The mixtape I do that introduces me to the hip hop nation is gonna be a remake cd where I just rap on a bunch of old hit songs and shit, ie: “tell me what you want, what u really really want" and “take these broken wings”. Then I’ll drop the album. . . First single, “I’m blacker than you” (this is the song I throw a subliminal at Lil Wayne). The second single will be my R&B joint for the ladies titled, “Baby, this will only take a minute” ft. Ray J. The third will be a song a lot like Kayne’s “Big Brother” dedicated towards Jay-Z, except mine will be titled “Not exactly Ice Cream” dedicated towards the legendary Vanilla Ice. It doesn’t stop there, I’m already thinking tour... coast to coast and internationally. The tour itself is gonna be called.. . . “Wish You Would”. Bam!

As of right now I’m hiring for all positions that a rapper would need. . . like groupies mainly.

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